The game plan.

Fat, Tired and Out of Control.

This blog is about the promise I have made to myself to change the things that are broken in order to feel better.

I sat down on New Year’s Day, 2015 and wrote down all the things I wanted to accomplish in the new year. Most of them have to do with my physical health and wellness but improving my mental health is also incredibly important to me.
My health and wellness resolutions are things like:

  • Getting back into shape physically
  • Having a focused and clear mentality, less multitasking
  • Eating healthy and adjusting my diet to find the inflammatory parts

I also have plans to up my creative endeavors. Expressing myself via this blog verbally is actually a great start to that goal, one that I have been thinking about doing for years but struggled to find a subject to write about. I worried about discussing things I personally didn’t know a lot about even though I was interested in learning them. Turning things inwardly and making this about my life and the struggles and progress it entails take the pressure out and makes this less about me telling others how to do something.

This blog is about my journey, how I have specifically chosen to do everything represented here and is by no means the exact way you should do anything. That being said, feel free to learn from my mistakes along with me and share your thoughts with me and other readers.

I will be taking things one week at a time. Currently I have several ideas of things I plan to try but this is a moving target and I plan to let it evolve as I go.


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