Week One of my Elimination Diet

One and done. Just kidding, 3 more weeks of this winter.

This week is moving pretty quickly, as most weeks do, so the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer!

We have been eating the left overs of a roast chicken that I made on Sunday with roast vegetables and brown rice. I turned this into a nice home made chicken soup with the addition of brown rice and kale tonight on our “Snow Day” and I plan to eat the left overs for lunch the next few days!

Fish will definitely be on the menu in the coming days, as will be roast cauliflower steaks, and some gluten free pasta with pesto!

Dark chocolate and gluten free cookies have become a nice and well deserved treat for after meals thanks to my boyfriends sweet tooth (I’m not complaining after the drought of anything cookie related)!

Sunday I am planning some hot chicken wing and fun appetizers and dips to much on during the Super Bowl.

Just digging in and getting ready for the long haul on this portion, need to find more recipes and exciting meal ideas to make this as seamless and easy as possible. There don’t seem to be any instant results, so the waiting game it will be.



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