Week 3 Elim. Diet in review:

Man the cravings for Mac and cheese are strong!

But overall, I am so close to finding out my potential triggers and it is really keeping me going now.

I’m excited and I’m nervous to move into the next phase, but boy am I ready…

I have roasted half of a 24lb turkey this weekend and have a broth from the bones on the stove right this minute. So turkey leftovers, brown rice and turkey/rice soup will be heavily eaten this week. I also have some red chard, bok choy, butternut, broccoli and sweet potatoes to roast and eat throughout the week.

On Wednesday I plan to have 1-2 drinks with my co-workers as it is a going away party for some of them and I am eager to celebrate them properly! Since it wasn’t part of the diet I want to tread carefully with this.

I plan to introduce citrus on Thursday/Friday as I think it could be my big trigger and I’m ready to find out. So I have some cut grapefruit to go along with my breakfast, I have an orange to go with my lunch, and will put lemon on my fish for dinner.

Next will be bread, tomato, then dairy, eggs, and then eggplant, peppers and finally red meat.

Wish me luck!

Have you had any elimination diet experiences? I’d love to hear about your trials and how it all worked out!



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