My Diet to uncover allergies Part 1 : Going Raw!

Raw diets are crazy. I can’t believe anyone sustains this kind of thing. BUT, I have never seen such an immediate noticeable change in myself and that’s the motivating factor pushing me forward!

So from Monday 1/19 through Friday 1/23 I have been and will continue to eat all fruits and vegetables that never exceed 115 degrees F in preparation.

Here is my meal plan:

(I am drinking water throughout each day, so even if it isn’t listed with a meal, assume I was drinking some)

Monday 1/19:

Breakfast: A cup of Yogi “Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy” and a whole grapefruit, no extra sugar added

Lunch: Salad at a restaurant: Mediterranean salad with green olives, artichoke, red onion, tomato, mixed salad greens and a lemon vinaigrette on the side. Water with lemon, Rooibos tea at a nearby coffee shop.

After lunch: Yogi “Blueberry Green Tea”

Dinner: Guacamole stuffed pepper. Store bought guacamole, chopped ½ red onion, 1 whole cucumber chopped. ½ green pepper per serving, handful of fresh greens. Inspired from this recipe. Yogi “Peach Detox Tea” , Water

Tuesday 1/20:

6AM: Cup of hot water with slice of lemon during meditation session

Breakfast (7:30AM): Smoothie made with nutribullet and following their concept: filled nutribullet container with ½ kale, , ½ a frozen banana, ¼ cup frozen rhubarb, 1/8 cup frozen blueberries, 3T whole almonds, 2T sunflower seeds.

Morning snack(10AM): Whole grapefruit, Yogi “Blueberry Green Tea”

Before lunch snack (11 AM): almonds, cashews, and dried cranberries

Lunch: “Mason Jar Salad” dressing mixed ad-hoc and taste tested: (lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper) grape tomato, chopped carrot, chopped green pepper, chopped cucumber, sunflower seeds, mix of Kale and spring mix salad.

After lunch snack: Pistachios, Yogi “Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy”

Dinner: dried cranberries, water

Wednesday 1/21:

Breakfast: (7:30AM): Smoothie made with nutribullet and following their concept: filled nutribullet container with ½ kale, , ½ a frozen banana, ¼ cup frozen strawberries, 1/8 cup frozen blueberries, 2T almond butter, 1T chia seeds, ½ T flax seeds.

9AM: Yogi “Blueberry Green Tea”

Morning snack(10AM): Whole grapefruit, Black Lipton Tea, mixed nuts with almonds, cashews, and dried cranberries

Lunch (1PM): Curry, coconut and cabbage salad with raisins and cashews. See recipe here.

Dinner (7PM): Broccoli salad, water, See recipe here. -This was very tasty, but the onion grows more pungent the next day!

Dessert: fresh cut strawberries and Bliss Balls

Thursday 1/22:

Breakfast: (7:30AM): Smoothie made with Nutribullet and following their concept: filled Nutribullet container with ½ kale, ¼ cup frozen blackberries, ¼ cup frozen strawberries, 1/8 cup frozen blueberries, 2T almond butter, 1T chia seeds, ½ T flax seeds.

9AM: Black Lipton Tea

Morning snack(10AM): Whole grapefruit, mixed nuts: almonds, cashews, dried cranberries. Cup with green tea bag (Trader Joes) and White Pomegranate Tea (Trader Joes)

Before Lunch snack (12PM): Pistachios, water

Lunch: Leftover broccoli salad, see recipe from Dinner on 1/21.

Dinner: Plan to have this raw Mushroom Alfredo Fettuccine


Breakfast: Smoothie: TBD

Lunch: I Plan to make this cucumber and dill salad

Dinner: A salad bar or similar in the city, TBD

Overall thoughts: This is hard to begin, but its all about the prep and having interesting a different recipes. My least favorite meal was the traditional salad that i made in the mason jar, i just have always found them boring. I loved the broccoli salad and the stuffed pepper also. The smoothies have a been a life saver. I feel great about them because they are stuffed full of greens but are nice and sweet because of all the berries. I don’t feel hungry the whole time, and if i am then i snack on nuts or I eat my next meal, simple as that. Not counting calories in any way, which I love. I think I would definitely have raw meals once in a while, or even a whole raw day, but I miss warm food so much, not even the meat and dairy, just baked and cooked vegetables would satisfy my idea of a meal better. January in NYC eating ice cold salads is very counterintuitive ;). Even though weight loss is not the primary goal of this process, I will say I have lost 4-5 lbs. to date, and I will try and log after Friday what the total is for this part of the diet.

Overall Feeling: I felt that overall awakening described in my post about the whole diet process, My Diet to uncover food allergies. However, by Wednesday I was exhausted. Really struggling to get out of bed in the morning and very tired at night. I didn’t get enough sleep on Tuesday night, maybe 7 hours, but on Wednesday night I made sure to get a good 8:30 hours and I was the most tired out of the whole week when I awoke on Thursday morning… So something is not adding up here. I have coworkers telling me I’m glowing and my skin does seem unusually clear. I have become more “regular” than I ever was previously as the the food seems to pass through me more quickly than my previous diet did. I will update this after Fridays completion and maybe on Sunday when Part 2 is in full swing and I can have something to compare all of this to.

On Adjustments: I have been doing my best to be pure, but I am also comfortable with certain slips. I started drinking 1 cup of black tea on wednesday because I was just too tired without it, and i have to finish my work! My boyfriend, who is a trooper for doing this with me, has been adding protein powder to his shakes which contains whey (dairy) so he is “cheating” in that regard, but he’s constantly starving so its an understandable thing.

Have you ever gone on a raw diet? Even just for a few days?

Would love to hear from others on how they might have adjusted their diets. I am really trying to figure out why I am so tired other than the lowered calorie intake!