Week 3 Elim. Diet in review:

Man the cravings for Mac and cheese are strong!

But overall, I am so close to finding out my potential triggers and it is really keeping me going now.

I’m excited and I’m nervous to move into the next phase, but boy am I ready…

I have roasted half of a 24lb turkey this weekend and have a broth from the bones on the stove right this minute. So turkey leftovers, brown rice and turkey/rice soup will be heavily eaten this week. I also have some red chard, bok choy, butternut, broccoli and sweet potatoes to roast and eat throughout the week.

On Wednesday I plan to have 1-2 drinks with my co-workers as it is a going away party for some of them and I am eager to celebrate them properly! Since it wasn’t part of the diet I want to tread carefully with this.

I plan to introduce citrus on Thursday/Friday as I think it could be my big trigger and I’m ready to find out. So I have some cut grapefruit to go along with my breakfast, I have an orange to go with my lunch, and will put lemon on my fish for dinner.

Next will be bread, tomato, then dairy, eggs, and then eggplant, peppers and finally red meat.

Wish me luck!

Have you had any elimination diet experiences? I’d love to hear about your trials and how it all worked out!



Week 2 Elim. Diet in review

I think meals are getting too monotonous because after 3 weeks I’m starting to crave things I see and smell, which I previously had some kind of inner strength to get past. Maybe it’s the fact that I had to stretch this out another week beyond what I had mentally planed …

About one more week to go! I’m craving sparkling and sweet alcohol, in a can none the less, and things like kielbasa and eggs and bacon. Bread also..

I stopped drinking the green smoothies in the morning and I have definitely felt better the last few days. More energy and more positivity.
I am also slowly getting used to my new eye glasses so I have been having Less headaches at night and feeling better in general. I cut out the raw greens after I read an article about their effect on the thyroid. I had heard it before but wasn’t sure if it applied to me, being sans-thyroid and all. Sure enough, cutting them out is providing more sustained energy. Although they were filling and probably nutritious, they may have been doing more harm than good with my T4 conversion!

The meal plan this week included things like black bean burgers wrapped in a large lettuce leaf, modified recipe from the Pioneer Woman with a flax egg, although I kept the hot sauce in – they really need it! Lots of sides of baked sweet potato fries. Lots of roasted cauliflower, broccoli and kale. Spaghetti squash made a fabulous appearance. Brown rice was a supplementary grain and either turkey meatballs, white fish, or salmon were in most dishes . Lunches have been leftovers from dinner and I have cut down on the nuts and dried fruit this week. I have been consuming twice as much green tea however! Celebrating with a burrito bowl tonight – yes it’s from chipotle 😉

Weight is being maintained from the 5lbs I lost during the raw portion although I haven’t made an effort to exercise yet.

Next week I plan to try and do a white pizza with gluten free dough and dairy free cheese, probably with broccoli. Stirfy with chicken or turkey sausage. A butternut squash, steamed kale and quinoa salad sounds like a good idea as does some vegetable soup!

Valentine’s Day calls for a giant meal of all the seafood we can consume 🙂

Trying to stay motivated and creative here in the home stretch.

How do those of you who do this diet permanently keep things fresh? – and I mean both the recipes and the vegetables!

Hatred is the true enemy.

I think most find times when they hate their bodies. But I moved past that, to complete separation. In my mind, I referred to it as my shell, because I felt I was a hollow shell of the person I used to be. It contained me, it held me back, the biological functions were amiss, and my body had become my own albatross.

I like to think I went through the stages of grief with my thyroid and body in general. In the beginning there was fear, fear of the unknown mass in my mouth, fear of what the future might hold. Cancer crossed our minds and the possibilities could really run away with you. The official tests however were swift enough to reveal my lingual thyroid soon after discovery and after a total thyroidectomy a year and a half later, all proved to be cancer and node free as well. Before the removal I reached sadness, total rock bottom due to the lack of energy. After beginning Synthroid, I started my phase of self-pitty. Why me.. Why could I no longer run and think and be as I was just a few years before. I honestly felt smarted by life, and worse, my own body. I had previously said and thought things to the tune of how much I trusted myself and my body, to always do as I asked, always to perform as I wished. So you can imagine my feeling of betrayal.

After a full year of sadness, I hit another low of total lethargy and zero motivation. Things picked back up after this and I started digging into other options. I spent 9 months looking, researching, for things that could help: diet changes, exercising, meditation, relaxation, sleeping, etc. I never fully committed, still thinking I was helpless in my cause. I never lost hope, I will say that, but it was always hinged on something or someone doing it all for me. Why don’t the meds make me feel better? Why aren’t my doctors figuring this out? What other specialists should I go see? It’s true I am no doctor, and there true value in medical professionals, but there is always something you can do, and that was my mistake. I started to feel less hatred towards my body after I started to restrict my calorie intake and slowly lose some weight over the summer and fall, finally feeling more normal. I forgave myself in a sense, this was probably the beginning of my path to move on, truly accepting all that has happened.

On January 19th, I took back control. I took a leap that could to do me no harm, based on a change I had noticed in myself. That first step didn’t workout so well, but the second part of the journey has already started paying dividends. I don’t feel the same way I have for the last 3 years anymore. The cloud that hung around my head has dissipated and I am free to think, see, and feel more clearly again. I am not sure i can explain to the full extent quite how liberating this is. I can only explain it as being locked in a dark shadow for all this time, and then having the light start to pour in again. My senses are keen, my heart is fluttering. I feel the special “I can do anything, right now…” feeling returning. Oh, how I’ve missed it. I mourned it all these years. I can’t believe I wasted so much time. I am taking back control, I am taking back my life.

It is only a question of what I will do next.

Week 1 Elim. Diet in review

I had read in the write-ups before this diet that there were certain people that would feel life hanging benefits from trying the process and I had seriously hoped to be one of them. I am starting to think I might be one of them…

I had my doubts of course and tried to remain realistic about the way things might turn out. After a negative ending to the raw diet, I was already feeling disappointed with my journey. I figured I would finish the diet and would have at least lost some weight.

It all started to change around Wednesday when I woke up at 6 AM, and although I still did not want to get out of my nice warm bed on these cold and dark winter mornings, I could tell I felt more alert than usual. The day passed with sustained energy and less green tea than previously, and by 9PM I was ready to crawl into bed. I held out to the planned 10:15 time slot, giving myself 15 minutes to fall asleep and then leaving the “now recommended” 7.5 hours to get my beauty rest. Thursday came along and I again felt the alertness, maybe even a little more than the previous morning. Two days in a row might be a fluke, but it hasn’t happened in a while. Thursday night I again felt tired by the late evening, but kept on schedule, ending up with a great nights sleep. Friday morning, clearest day yet, and I have enough energy to stay up hours later than I normally ever could to write about these great experiences!

From passing out at 9:30pm on a regular basis, and then struggling to wake up at 6 AM, I feel like I making all the right moves here. Let’s hope it all just keeps up!

I feel at peace and yet so alive at the same time…