Transitioning from Raw to Elimination Diet

So, when I first mapped out my plan as I always do, I thought I had everything worked out. So when I hit a small bump, it was a big surprise!

Turns out, it is not as easy as expected making the transition from one diet (Raw) to another (Elimination) especially because of the limitations on each.

Lessons learned:

1. Learn the diet restrictions by heart.
2. Plan, plan, plan those meals!
3. Don’t underestimate how your body will feel in the transition.
4. One diet at a time.

When I first started to the raw diet, it was difficult for the first day or so, but I had a lot of recipes to rely on and it was pretty clear what could be eaten… vegetables and fruits (even though my boyfriend asked a lot of interesting questions about what was allowed, trying to find a loophole)! When the time came around to switching to the elimination diet, I wasn’t nearly as prepared with recipes. I assumed I could adapt my previous eating/cooking style to fit with the diet and that would be it. Well I’ve already had a few slip ups, mainly with tomatoes (adding pico de gallo to a burrito bowl at Chipotle and make a turkey chili with a tomato base). On a positive note, I am learning as I go!

On Friday night, the last meal of the raw diet, it was hard to just have another fruit and kale smoothie, I wanted to move on to hot food that was planned the next day. Then Saturday turned up and I all of a sudden didn’t know what I could eat! I had a vague plan, smoothie for breakfast, veggies for lunch and then make the chili for dinner as a easy reintroduction to meat in a meal with lots of veggies. I ended up eating a banana for breakfast and having a very late lunch of stirfried veggies. Dinner was awesome except for the tomatoes that I was supposed to be avoiding. I was incredibly tired all of saturday. I slept 10 hours over night and caught a 3 hour nap on Saturday afternoon and could just not muster up much energy, either something I had been eating all week (citrus??) had been causing some kind of allergy/energy boom and now I was coming down from it or maybe I was just worn down from the week. Hard to say but I’m avoiding citrus now as I’m supposed to and am feeling much better, so I will check on this hunch in the challenge phase of the diet!

Over all, I don’t regret doing the raw portion, as it was my inspiration to get going, and it was an interesting experience that I’m proud I did. But really, I made the whole elimination part of my diet much harder. I now need to extend the elimination diet and extra week, to end on Valentine’s Day so that I can test the potential tomato and citrus allergies fully. It takes 23 days for the body to flush the antibodies out of your system, so it makes sense to wait a few more days instead of redoing this diet from scratch in a few months because I messed it up this time!

Changing your life can’t always be planned, the results certainly can’t be, and the process can be just as unexpected.

Have you learned any important lessons from your diets?